My Story


Hi, My name is Sharon Eriksson and I am the proud founder of an Online Store bringing you the most beautiful collection of Maternity and Nursing Lingerie from all over the world, Baby Carriers from the US and Baby Slings and Baby Wraps from Japan. 

In 2010 after giving birth to my 3rd son and speaking to many young mothers and mothers to be, I realised that although as mothers, our body goes through many changes we take little time to appreciate and love our new curves. 

I personally think that there is nothing more beautiful than the curves of a nursing mother and a mother to be, which is why I took the time to collect a gorgeous and well priced collection for you.

2 years later in a trade fair, I came across the most simple and easy to wear baby slings from Japan. I knew I had to include them into my collection. As active mom`s, we take every opportunity to enjoy some quality time with our children in the fresh air, and Swimming Pools.. We love it! Leaving the house is not a quick and simple task and we tend to drag with us a heavy bag with all we believe we may need for theft hours we are away. 

Lucky Japan offers light, safe, and easy to wear slings which make the life of an active and loving mother much easier. 

And then 2 years after that, in another fair, I came across a great Baby Carrier – Baby Ktan. What I love about this carrier is the many ways you can wear your baby from age new born up to 15kg. all with 3 loops connected to one another. 

I enjoy supporting you in picking the right product you and your baby can enjoy. 

I wish you all many lovely moments with your family

Thank you for being here