2FOR1 SALE on Baby Slings: 2 Slings for 65CHF

Tragehilfe 2FOR1 SALE! 2 Baby slings für 65CHF

Promotional code in shopping basket: 2FOR1 

BellyB.ch Baby hip Slings are imported from /  Tragehilfe aus Japan und USA

LUCKY Japan The oldest Baby Sling company in Japan, since 1934!

All Baby Slings are light, easy to wear, and can also be worn in water! The Hip Slings can carrier a toddler of up to 15kg.

Baby Ktan USA is the only Baby Carrier in BellyB.ch. A comfortable and easy to wear Baby carrier. You can use the Baby Ktan as of birth and until your toddler weighs 15kg.

If you have any questions or need any support picking the right size for you and for your baby,

please send me an email: sharon@bellyb.ch

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